News.7 ways to increase your FIFA 20 coins count in FUT

Fifa Coins are the currency in FIFA 20 that you can use to get some of the best players and useful bonus contents. Among our offers you will find FIFA Ultimate Team Coins for a multitude of platforms: PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PS4, iOS or Android.

The whole concept of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is built around earning coins, allowing you to acquire the best players in the game. But the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo will set you back over one million coins on the market, so it takes plenty of hard work (and some fast-track techniques) to build up your ideal side.

If you’re struggling, there are plenty of ways to increase your coins count in FUT 20. We’ve included some of the most useful methods in this article, spanning everything from market trading to game mode tips – and allowing you to become a virtual millionaire before long….

1. Complete Seasons Objectives

It’s been possible to obtain coins via the likes of daily objectives in FIFA for years now, but Seasons Objectives makes this even easier in FIFA 20. The new feature includes a ‘battle pass’-style levelling-up system, as well as heaps of limited-time and pre-determined challenges.

The majority of these objectives either provide XP or coin bonuses, with both proving useful in increasing your collection. You can sometimes use that XP to unlock coin boosts, for example – a feature that was previously tied to the EAS FC Catalogue in FIFA 19 – allowing you to temporarily (and significantly) upgrade the amount of coins you earn per game.

2. Use the bronze pack method

Buying bronze packs is an effective, low-risk investment method for making coins. It works like this: purchase a bronze (400 coins) or premium bronze (750) pack, and aim to make a profit by selling items at their minimum ‘buy now’ price or higher. 

Bronze player items can prove highly valuable when required for SBCs (sometimes going for thousands), and in any case, you can at least store them until they are. You can also earn big money from squad fitness items, healing items and more. You won’t get rich quick with this method, but stick with it over time and you should see your profits increase throughout the season.

3. Keep track of live SBCs

Naturally, Squad Building Challenges are a great way of earning coins, and some pay out better than others (this FUTBIN page is great for working out which SBCs to prioritise). Live SBCs are also a very effective resource to help you earn additional coins.

By paying attention to live SBCs, you can profit from the players in your club. For example, say a special promo-based SBC requires players from QPR – this means those assets’ values will increase on the market, allowing you to sell them for an inflated rate. Just occasionally, you’ll also find limited-time ‘flash’ SBCs that you can complete for easy rewards as well.

4. Qualify for FUT Champions

There’s little reason to buy gold (or better) packs in the store, because you can already earn them easily via Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Performing well in the latter will see you qualify for FUT Champions, too, which offers the best rewards in the game.

By competing in the FUT Champions Weekend League against other online players, you can earn big prizes based on how many wins you rack up, including coins and packs. The other major bonus is that you get 400 Division Rivals points per game, regardless of whether you win. This ultimately allows you to earn Division Rivals rewards without even playing the mode.

5. Snipe players on the market

You always want to be on the lookout for bargain deals, and an effective way of doing this is by sniping player items on the market. This involves searching for a player (or set of players) at a lower value than they’re worth, and trying to be the first to snag them when they appear.

First, identify the lowest ‘buy now’ price that the player goes for on the market, and multiply it by 0.95 to account for EA Tax. Then, drop that price just slightly and start searching. Anything you find can be resold on the market, or stored for later. You can also attempt to snipe special in-form items at discard prices for practically guaranteed profits.

Note: Lots of market searches over a short period of time can sometimes flag your account as a bot. Be sure to spread them out as much as possible.

6. Be smart with investments

The top traders in Ultimate Team know almost exactly which items to invest in, and when. They do this by taking advantage of seasonal promos, benefiting from features such as live SBCs, and predicting which players will be in high demand over the coming days and weeks.

Players who are likely to be selected for Team of the Week are a popular investment, as their regular items disappear from packs temporarily, increasing their value. The same goes for Marquee Matchups SBCs, with players from the required teams selling at a higher rate on the market. You can never guarantee accuracy with predictions, of course, so tread carefully.

7. Take the coins in Division Rivals

If you can win enough games per week and finish high enough in the ranks, Division Rivals provides you with three choices of rewards. And while both the tradeable and untradeable packs can prove tempting, it’s almost always more beneficial to take the coins.

Depending on your division and rank you’re typically looking at 15k-80k in earnings, which often eclipses that of the tradeable pack rewards. This soon adds up, particularly when paired with FUT Champions’ prizes, allowing you to potentially earn upwards of 100k coins per week. The packs can be useful fodder for SBCs, but otherwise coins are typically your best bet.

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