News.EA says it will fix FIFA 20's career mode

FIFA 20 released on Friday after a brief EA Access subscription period earlier this week, and the game's most passionate players aren't happy with its trimmed-down Career Mode. Shortly after launch #FixCareerMode made waves on Twitter as the third-highest topic of discussion in the U.K., while also making significant inroads across North America.
A long-neglected part of the FIFA experience, the mode allows users to pursue careers as either players or managers with desired clubs.Ahead of its release, hopes were high EA Sports would give career mode in FIFA 20 some much needed attention but early signs are far from promising.
FIFA 20's release has been marred by complaints of major bugs in career mode, the football sim's flagship singleplayer mode, including AI opposition fielding severely weakened squads. EA says it's aware of the issues, but can't give a timeline for when they'll be fixed: just that it won't be in the next patch.
As it stands right now, the game features around 30 different reported bugs ranging from players changing positions, unexplained ratings shifts and poor team selection AI. Also include the strongest teams finishing low down in league tables, glitches when editing players such as their position randomly changing, and European club competitions failing to trigger.
EA has responded directly, point by point, to some of these bugs in a Q&A posted : most of the answers say the team is either investigating the problem or has found a solution that will be included in a future update.
EA's FIFA community global franchise lead Corey Andress said he couldn't provide a timescale for fixes, but it won’t be immediate. FIFA 20's first patch is already locked and loaded, so career mode changes can't be added, he explained.
"I am fully aware that that is not what you want to hear, but I also don’t want to leave you without answers on this one. We are continuing to prioritize and push these issues with urgency, so hopefully we’ll have more to share soon," he said.

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