News.FIFA 19 Penalties Tutorial: How to Score Every Penalty

Having the ability to guarantee yourself goals from penalties can be huge in FIFA Ultimate Team, particularly in FUT Champions. Knowing how to score penalties in FIFA 19 really can be the difference between achieving different ranks in the FIFA 19 Weekend League. It's surprising how many high quality FUT players still haven't mastered the skill of netting the ball from 12-yards out.

This tutorial explains exactly how to take penalties in FIFA 19 and is divided into different stages. These include: the perfect amount required on the power bar, how to aim correctly, penalty stat requirements and which buttons to hold. This method can be tested in the practice arena by running into the penalty box and clicking the right d-pad to select a penalty. Repeat this until you are scoring every penalty.

FIFA 19 Penalties Tutorial

FIFA 19 Penalty Stat Requirements
*Pick the player with the best penalty attribute in your team
*The higher this stat, the higher chance of success
*80+ penalties is a good standard

Finesse Shot
*Keep the RB/R1 button held down
*Keep the left analog pushed forward (up)

Power Bar
*Load around 2.5 bars of power using the B/circle button
The power bar can be seen in the bottom left corner, it is crucial that this is around 2.5 bars to ensure success.

Run Up / Aim
*While the player is running towards the ball, hold the left analog towards the post on your desired side
When taking FIFA 19 penalties, holding the left analog as close to the corner as possible will ensure success, as well as applying spin to the ball. This is key, because if the keeper dives the correct way, the penalty still can't be saved due to the ball's spin. As well as this, the RB/R1 button increases accuracy and power.

FIFA Trainer
The FIFA trainer has recently been disabled in FUT Champions, which has increased the difficulty for some users. Regarding penalties, this basically means that the directional arrow will no longer be visible. If you don't play FUT Champions, players still have the option of the FIFA trainer which can turned on or off in the game settings.

Player Head Movement
When taking a penalty, the player's head will move slightly towards the direction that they are aiming. The keeper may look for this and dive the same way. Due to this, players try to change direction and fool the keeper at the last second. This can work, although it does make aiming risky and can cause players to miss. The above method reduces risk and increases your chances of scoring.

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