News.FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: What are Flashback players and how to get them

FIFA 19 introduced another new exciting promotion in Ultimate Team, with Flashback Players now joining Icons, Ones to Watch and other special cards to help complete your squad and take on the Weekend League. These are limited-availability players that can only be won from completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in the week of their release. They celebrate a player's past achievements and "flash back" to their peak rating, thus giving them a huge boost in statistics from their original card. If you have any problem on buying FIFA 19 Coins and FIFA 19 Comfort Trade here, please join our live chat right now.

What are Flashback Players?

The first Flashback Player released was Atletico Madrid full-back Juanfran, who received a special upgraded version celebrating his 2013-14 season. This was followed up by a special Mario Gotze, recounting his World Cup win in 2014.

These two initial Flashback Players got massive boosts to their ratings, making them extremely desirable for FIFA 19 players, especially ones with La Liga or Bundesliga squads. Juanfran's overall rating jumped from 80 to 87, with his pace a much more appealing 87 score. Gotze's boost was not as impressive, but now has an 87-rated version with improved stats in every aspect of the game, making him useable as a forward or midfielder.

Juanfran's SBC dropped in mid-October while Gotze's followed up at the start of November, indicating that Flashback Players will be available every second or third Friday for a four-day limited period.

How can I get Flashback Players?

Flashback Players are not available in packs, in the store, or on the transfer market. The only way to get these special players is to complete Squad Building Challenges during their limited period in the game. If you do not complete the SBCs within the time limit, you will never be able to get this version of the player.

Depending on the overall rating of the card, you may have to complete multiple SBCs to win the reward. Each SBC also has a smaller reward e.g. a Mega Pack or Players Pack to give you something in return for submitting your squads. Like all SBCs, if you submit a player into the squad, you will lose it from your club - so only submit players you can afford to lose!

The Flashback Players received in the SBCs are untradeable, meaning you cannot put them up for auction on the transfer market and you will get 0 coins if you decide to discard them by quick selling.

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