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Fifacoin-buy is the best place to buy fifa 19 coins Xbox One, fifa 19 coins ps4 and more. A new update on Fifa 19 that changes the way players shoot. The game was originally released in September 2018 and it's had several updates to its game-play since. When it came out some fans complained that shooting was too easy and moving goalkeepers about was too difficult. Now, Fifa 19's makers, EA sports, have attempted to fix the problems.

When the game came out in September, some fans complained about how easy it was to score when shooting. For FIFA 19, a feature was added to entice fans called 'Timed Finishing', aimed at giving players more control over how they try to score goals.

A Fifa 19 update is when the game-makers try to fix any problems that fans have pointed out when playing the game. For example, in October, Arsenal keeper Petr Cech still had his head-guard on during contract negotiations and EA Sports quickly remedied the problem.

It basically meant that players would more often than not score as long as they pressed the right buttons at the right time. Lots felt as though this wasn't very realistic. EA Sports have responded by bringing in changes to the shooting. At the moment it's just for PC gamers and will move onto the PS4 and Xbox versions of the game at a later date.

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