News.How to Get Prime Icon Moments Players in FIFA 19

Icons in FIFA have had three versions: Base (Baby), Middle, and Prime, but EA Sports is adding another into the mix this week with Prime Icon Moments. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 19. Besides, there are also provide fifa coins for sale on our market.

EA Sports has not revealed whether there will be new SBCs for these upgraded cards in FIFA 19, but it’ll be disappointing for players who have completed Prime Icon SBCs already. Maybe a way to upgrade already completed cards to what I like to call the Primest Icons will be released soon.

Prime Icon Moments players are the same players as the current Icons in the game, but their overall ratings have been increased by one, with the idea being that it matches their stats at a particular moment in their career. Not every player will get a Moments card from the get go in FIFA 19, with just a select few being given them from this Friday, Feb. 15. As far as we know so far, the only way to get them will be from packs.

Many players expected FIFA 19 Winter Ones to Watch cards to be released this week, but since there weren’t many standout transfers many during the January window, maybe it was scrapped in favour of this promo. The players confirmed so far are:
George Best – RW – 94 OVR
Thierry Henry – ST – 94 OVR
Lothar Matthaus – CM – 94 OVR

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 19. Keep an eye on EA Sports’ Twitter at 1pm ET on Feb. 15 for all the FIFA 19 info, too. And don't forget you can find enough cheap FIFA 19 coins from us.

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