News.Timed Finishing In FIFA 19

Just about the most exciting and useful gameplay innovations in FIFA 19 is Timed Finishing, a completely new mechanic that lets you make any shot world class along with just one extra, well-timed button tap. As the name implies, timing is key with this feature, adding a new layer of risk or reward to shooting in FIFA 19. And please remember you can buy Fifa Coins Account on our site.

The basic process for taking a shot doesn't change, but if you want to make your shots potentially unstoppable with this accuracy and power boost, it is as simple as tapping the “shoot” button a second time after the initial button tap.

But that's the easy part; what makes this mechanic a challenge is timing your second tap perfectly; if you tap this too early or too late, it might actually make your shot slightly worse. With the FIFA Trainer turned on, you'll see a coloured bar over your player's head with sliders. The second tap should be right once the sliders hit the green area in the middle. If you successfully unlock a Timed Finish, you will see a short message over a bar that says, “Great Timing! ”

Becoming a Timed Finishing Master

Once you obtain the hang of the process, you are able to turn the Trainer off. While the bar and message will no longer appear during a Timed Finish attempt, you can see whether or not your attempt was successful via the gamer indicator triangle. The triangle's outline will glow green if you have successfully achieved the Timed Finish.

Timed Completing applies to any type of open-play strike, whether it's a header, volley, finesse shot, even a bike kick. But the more difficult as well as quick the shot attempt is, the higher your margin for error will be. Practice your timing with all types of shots so that you can master this and take your FIFA game to the next level.

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